Sunday, May 31, 2015

Math Monday

Dozens of parents and guardians joined their children for Math Monday.  In each classroom, students eagerly showed their knowledge and mastery through interactive math games.  There was an abundance of proud smiles!

Principal Coffee - May

Classroom updates:
There are three classes of incoming kindergartners, four first grade classes and four second grade classes
Lindsay Scott will teach one of the second grade classes next year and will switch with Ms. Chiosi
Class size will be approximately 20 students
Next year’s third graders may have a fourth classroom with approximately a dozen students

Redistricting updates:
Newton Public Schools has acquired the Aquinas property
Lincoln Elliot will move to the Aquinas and the former Lincoln Elliot building will become a swing school
Redistricting could affect families even if they already have students enrolled in school
Currently there is no plan to add to or to renovate the Franklin
Day Middle School recently added six permanent classrooms, five elementary schools feed into day with 360 students per grade
Horace Mann School will become Newton Parks and Rec

PARCC updates:
Make sure your child is rested
Students get anxious about end of year and next year’s transition
Testing on computers went smoothly

Principal search:
Because Elaine Harold is retired there needs to be a waiver granted form the state in order for her to continue as the interim principal next week.  Paperwork has been submitted proving that there is a critical shortage
Was the failure of our search process a timing issue?  No, the timing was appropriate.  There is a shortage of experiences candidates.  It’s a hard job and not a lot of people want it.  He hours are long, the increase in pay is not significant, there is no job security, and little authority.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Day in Ghana

text by Nora Horick
photos by Stephanie LeFever

Joe and Vida Galeota presented their A Day in Ghana program for each of the second grade classes. Joe is an Associate Professor at Berklee School of Music who lived in Ghana for many years. Vida, his wife, grew up in Ghana. Together, they took the students on an imaginary tour of Vida’s native village—where the students helped with the morning chores, visited the local schoolhouse, learned about Ghanaian customs, and heard some amazing drumming!

The Galeotas have come to Franklin for over a decade. Their program is fascinating and fun and meshes perfectly with the Grade 2 social studies curriculum.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Motion: Forces and Work

Text, images and video by Sammy Kim

The 5th graders took part in the program called "Motion: Forces and Work" presented to them by the Museum of Science. The students learned how Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion apply to simple machines, such as levers, wheels, and pulleys.

While demonstrating how simple machines change the ratio of force and distance to give advantages, student volunteers on carts were moved at different speeds and distances across the room. Students also worked with a wheel and axle to get a huge force advantage over their teacher. 

The program concluded with volunteers using a giant lever to lift a teacher. A lot of fun learning was had by all!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Geometry Song

You may remember Mr. Mersky in his theatrical debut as Captain Planet.  This month, he stole the show at the All School Meeting led by the fourth graders.  They did a phenomenal job but the highlight of the assembly was Mr. Mersky's Geometry Song:

Multicultural Day!

Once again, Ms. Foster, Ms. Mustachio, and Ms. Murgia knocked it out of the park - THANK YOU!  Each grade learned and performed two complete dances and a song.  A wide range of countries, cultures, styles and eras were represented.  Dozens of parents came out for each grade level and there were many proud smiles among students, teachers and families.  Here are some photos of the second graders and the kindergartners:

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

The second graders went on a wonderful field trip to the Chinese Cultural Center.  Students experienced a traditional presentation, tried their hand at making (and eating) dumplings, and made beautiful lanterns out of traditional red envelops.
The red envelop symbolizes energy, happiness and good luck. Sending red packets is a channel for sending good wishes and luck. Those who receive a red packet are wished another year negotiated safely and peacefully. 
To our friends of Chinese heritage, we wish you  Gong Hey Fat Choy!  Happy New Year!